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MacBook Pro 13″

Why a Macbook Pro 13

Every ones a DJ with a macbook pro ūüôā

We still have not decided but this is what we found thus far in the journey of deciding, Buying MacBook Pro machines for our crew!  There was a lot to consider when looking at all the options.  Of all the laptop / portable computers out there the Apple MAC is the choice of choices as far as we are concerned, but WHICH ONE!

The silver finish and the brilliant screens, the backlit keyboard and the HUGE range of accessories.  With a great range of features in all the Apple MacBook Pros laptops in the range we have our hands full.  17 15 13 Screen size? Which model in the screen range size is the right one for us.

Budget is a major factor when looking at the Mac Book Pro for us but we dont want to give away spec for dollar.  Can you advise on what is a good medium?

We were thinking that the middle range Apple Mac Book Pro will do the job but if you have any suggestions to the contrary please let us know.  Also can someone advise on what the shelf life is for the MacBook Pro as far as longevity and upgradability.

From what we saw in the store we are able to connect various components to the MacBook Pro like the remote control and the wireless mouse and keyboard. We like the fact that you  can mix and match with all the Apple accessories and especially the screen sharing with the Apple TV via Apple AirpPlay.  They gave us a demo on the MacBook Pro and we thought this feature would be fantastic for board meetings and sharing ideas.

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