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Cable Ski Logan is a great day out for you and the family

We have been a big fan of Cable Ski Logan since finding it up at Logan and have been there many times with a bunch of people with varying skills.  Some of which have never even been on a kneeboard or wakeboard for that matter.

As mentioned we have gone to Cable Ski quite a bit and some of our friends have rented gear from their onsite shop. We have taken friends their with very little experience and the staff have helped them to get up and going in no time.

Enhance your Skills at Cable Ski Logan

Cable Ski LoganSome of our friends have been quite comfortable with the ease of use at Cable Ski and have managed to progress up to using the kickers and sliders within a few visits. You are required to wear a helmet to use these at Cable Ski which is understandable.

The only draw back that we had using this beautiful large lake is that if you fall off at the far end you have a longish walk back but that just make you more determined to concentrate and better your skills.

The facility at Cable Ski is great and food is available there along with ample seating for viewing from the launch section which is basically the start finish line. There is ample parking at Cable Ski so why not plan a day with your friends or the family and go and have some fun.

From Beginner to Advanced Cable Ski has you covered

Here are the contact details for you to call ahead and book a party if you want to :

Cable Ski Logan
80 Ferry Road
Carbrook Qld
Ph: (07) 3287 7777


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