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Yes! Casey Neistat Snowboarding the streets of New York City again

Casey Neistat Snowboarding the streets of New York City is not new but this one is all time

Casey Neistat has done it again, yes Casey Neistat has done a viral film of him and a few friends and family snowboarding behind his jeep in the streets of New York City! Casey Neistat Snowboarding New York City! He did this a while ago but Casey Neistat has taken it to a new level of fun and film production with the use of a drone controlled by Jesse who is also a successful Youtuber.

A collaboration effort between himself and his brother along with two of his mates, One of which is Jesse who in his own right is a successful youtuber on BF vs GF.  They worked together sharing the filming and the skiing in the city. With some awesome cinematography they cam together and created a viral video that has been seen around the world more than 9 Million times in 24 hours.

Casey Neistat Snowboarding Crazy or Creative Genius?

Casey Neistat Snowboarding New York City has taken Casey’s Youtube subscription amount to almost 2 Million Subscribers. A successful business man in his won right for many years and recently starting Beme.  This is a new social video sharing platform that has taken off like wild fire. They launched the app and it went crazy getting more downloads than they originally expected but they are growing from strength to strength.

So it turns out that the Movie – Casey Neistat Snowboarding New York City has been a HUGE success and has taken his exposure to a whole new level. We wish him all the best for the future and know that he will succeed as he is a grounded survivor. Thanks Casey Neistat for making a difference in the World of YouTube.


Casey Neistat Snowboarding New York City