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Gold Coast Computer Network Specialists

Make your Home or Office Network Lightning Fast

There days we have access to technology and devices that can make your computer network lightning fast both wired and wireless.  Dont settle for its ok …

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Advising and Distributing Networks 2000

We have assisted, designed and installed many networks both in the home sector and commercial environments.  We have experienced installers that do all of our work and have top workmanship and quality.  You dont need to settle for a sub par network.

Hardware Advice

Not all hardware is the same and not all environments are the same.

Network Planning

We map a network installation to help insure there are no drop zones.

Safe And Secure

With both hardware and software security you can make your network safe from intrusion. Keep the baddies out.

Make sure your Network Fits

A great network should be a balance of perfect integration to facilitate load sharing and performance adjustments.

We use Global Leading Hardware and Software for our clients networks.

With Commercial grade hardware in any installation you are making life a lot easier for yourself and ensuring power, precision and performance.

Tech is only half the battle

We use the best of Technology for your budget and plan, integrate and roll out the very best solutions for your application requirements and budget.  Always keeping possible expansion in the mix.

Surfers Surf | We Build Networks oh and Surf

We are up to date on all the latest trends and technology to help you get the most out of your network both in the Office and in the Home.

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