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Panasonic DMC SZ10 Digital Camera

Photos and Vlogging

Panasonic DMC SZ10 Purchased a new camera from Kogan

Just before Christmas i purchased from Kogan a Panasonic DMC SZ10 digital camera. This particular camera was recommended to us as an entry level selfie camera. A camera great for VLOGGING. This camera boasts an easy flip up screen that is great for self vlogging and a quick access Video recording button for ease of use. We waited with great anticipation for Kogan to send us the camera so that we could give it a good road test. Lets take a closer look at the Panasonic DMC SZ10.

Another great feature of this camera is that it has a wide angle of view through the lens which is great for close up shooting. The order process from Kogan was very easy and the automated email system from Kogan was quick and informative.

Kogan Service and Support | Panasonic DMC SZ10

Although I purchased the Panasonic DMC SZ10 camera from the AU store it was sent from the Kogan Hong Kong division which meant a problem wit the power adaptor. However Kogan sent an adaptor with the camera so all is well and charged without any issue.

The camera arrived with out any issue and no damage, charged it up and found no problems at all. Not complaining but i now have enough bubble wrap to cover my desk ­čÖé

I have one question for Kogan however and that is why was the Black version $20 more than the Silver version? Minor detail.  The fact is that we are very happy with the camera and would advise it for anyone that wants to VLOG on a budget. Panasonic DMC SZ10 is a great choice.

We have found the video quality of the Panasonic DMC SZ10 to be very acceptable and the angle of view to be excellent.  The only thing that we have found to be a minor issue is the sound.  The sound pickup is a little low. We have had to bump up the volume in the post production stage.

Auto focus on the camera is exceptional and it keeps face detection focus at all times. This is great for VLOGGING s it keeps your subject in crystal clear focus for best results. Changing from light to dark areas can be a bit of an issue as it does not perform perfectly in low lit areas. In saying that for the money it is a great little camera.