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Casey Neistat SnowBoarding New York City

SnowBoarding New York City.  The world has been treated to Casey Neistat SnowBoarding New York City, but this was not the first time he has undertaken to SnowBoarding New York City. Here is a link to the video where he did it for the first time.

The first time that he did it was what appears to be a pretty much solo event unlike the latest one that was a great collaboration with other family, friends and youtuber Jesse from BF v GF.

The original Snow Boarding New York by Casey Neistat

This first edition of the Snow Boarding New York City video was a great video shot from many angles and covering may parts of the city while the new video has the introduction of drones for that vertical element.

With over 6 Million views of the original SnowBoarding New York City video Casey Neistat has stepped up and smashed the original Snow Boarding New York City The Original Movie with his new one which got more than 8 Million views in 24 hours after posting it.

Madman or Genius Marketer Snow Boarding New York City by Casey Neistat

We certainly take our hat of to the team for this video where it all began, this video of Casey Neistat Snow Boarding NYC for the first time on video. We hope that Casey and his mates keep making awesome videos doing amazing things in the city of New York where Casey has his office.

We will wait for the next viral video from this team where we are certain that they will be pushing the elements of surprise again for us and the entire world.  Creating a Viral video is not something that is done easily but Casey seems to have the right ingredients as he has done it over and over again. However lets get back to Snow Boarding NYC for now. Check out the video below where Casey is Snow Boarding NYC the first time.