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Storm Surfers | Netflix Movie Review

Storm Surfers the Movie on Netflix

We watched Storm Surfers on Netflix and found it to be very entertaining and exiting. Two mates going around Australia Surfing the biggest waves that they can find and towing each other into some of the biggest drops on the planet.  They told stories of their childhood that lead them to be surfing thrill seekers.

Storm Surfers the Movie, The Adventure, The Risks

Two time world champion Tom is one of the main characters of the Storm Surfers movie who also took a stand against apartheid by boycotting that part of the tour.  He made a real name for himself surfing Pipe.  On the other hand their is Ross who loved to surf as a professional but more than that loved to party and loved that life no the pro tour while never winning anything major until the Eddie Invitational where he claimed a victory and made a name for himself in big wave surfing.

Ross, Tom and Ben made the Storm Surfer movie what it is with Ben being the forecaster calling the shots on where and when the swell was going to hit and hit hard. These guys only surf when its pushing the limits of big wave surfing.  That’s where they came up with the name Storm Surfers! Chasing the Storm swells.

Chasing Storms and Swells are part of the job of the Forecaster and he does a good job of it on Storm Surfers

During the course of the movie Storm Surfer the two mates took some massive tumbles but that did not stop them.  One of the breaks was 5km out in the open ocean where the Storm Surfers jumped into action and planned their journey out there. Tom has previously not had much fun at this break, being held under for many waves and pinned in the darkness of ocean which in the movie appears to hold his thoughts and emotions back.

The Storm Surfers journey takes them from Ship Sterns Bluff in Tasmania to the Shelf of the East Coast of Australia. Then into Sydney to the famous surf break called OURS, made famous by the Bra Boys. The Storm Surfer boys took on some of the biggest and most confronting swells that i have seen and it made me think.

Think about the time we had awesome winter swells on the Gold Coast where myself and a few mates went out and had the best morning surfs we have experienced in our lives. Far from the size of the surf in Storm Surfers but Perfect SE swells and no wind. Equipped with a mini gun surfboard and paddle gloves I made the most of the day and the waves. An amazing experience and one that I will one day obtain again.