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What is Vlogging

Why do people do Vlogging

Over the past 10 years or so it seems that Vlogging has become a very popular past time, well for some it has become a business thanks to viral videos, product placements and paid advertisements.

How do you know if you can become a good or even great vlogger? Vlogging is predominantly where you people have a camera that takes video and they document in video their days or their business or their experiences. Vlogging for some is a great way to inspire people to change, instill happiness and positivity into other peoples lives where they might in a less fortunate position.

The art of Vlogging!

Most vlogger’s do all their own camera work by holding a camera pointed in their direction so that they can be seen and then talking to the camera like they are talking to people. ¬†This is quite an art form in itself. Imagine walking around your local town or shopping centre and holding a camera in front of yourself and talking to it like its normal. Lots of people around looking at you and thinking Mmmm thats a bit strange.

If this does not bother you a bit then have at it! if this does tend to shake your comfort zone then just take it step by step. Start by comfortable environment where you are alone or with people that make you feel comfortable and support you! Talk about topics that interest you and others but nothing to controversial as you  will find out in the commenting section of this blog.

Say what you want and goof off if you have to to get more and more comfortable, over time this will become and feel normal so that you can then venture out and start to VLOG in the public arena. Be yourself and enjoy it and if you mess up, DONT worry. You can fix anything in the editing later.

For me Vlogging began out of necessity where I had products and services that I wanted to launch for my company and tried to have others do the presentations for me but that was a disaster, soooooooo i decided to take on this vlogging experience for myself. I started with small and short presentations which i then edited, added some music and intros and started posting them. They have been great for brand and product exposure and we will be continuing on with this medium. Sorry Sidetracked ……………..

So now you have done your first Vlogging shoot with your camera and are ready to edit. Start basic if you have never done this before and dont be to hard on yourself. You will learn more as you go.

Windows users can use Windows Movie Maker – FREE

MAC users can use iMovie – FREE

Both of these options will get you started with all the basics. We use iMovie as we find it a little more advanced with more options but both will do the job when starting out.

Once you have completed your editing and are ready to let the world see your excellent presentation (Remember dont be hard on yourself, If you are happy with it then it is excellent) you need to host it somewhere and YouTube is a great place to share and its free. Open an account and upload your VLOG. Now people will start to watch your new Vlogging adventure and give you thumbs up or down, leave comments both good and bad.

This is all just part of the Vlogging experience. Dont take the negative comments to heart (Please Dont, just think of them as gnomes in dark rooms with nothing more than negativity in their lives) Do however respond and acknowledge to the positive comments and converse with your fans as they will support you in your new Vlogging adventure.

Best of luck and enjoy the journey, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know how your journey is going.