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GOOGLE SEO is a hot topic of discussion. So what’s this SEO all about?


Google SEO is a vital part of any website unless you are a guru writer who is plugged into Google SEO (in which case we want you 🙂

So what is GOOGLE SEO ?

It is writing, laying out and tagging just the right amount of content and images to make google look at you without spamming that content.  Its like screaming at Google.  No body wants that.

Ok so correct and on point content creation, properly laid out and readable.  Strategically positioned images and links……   Wait what?    Links to where?

Glad you asked, links to related topics and or articles.

Ok so that does it for on site SEO and now you need to do offsite (some say offsite is not important but it still carries clout so its worth the effort)


google seo



Good SEO strategies cant be forced or loaded.  They must be written in such a way that they seem organic and a good seo writer does just that while filling it as much as possible with the good stuff to rank well in Google.

You could spend literally days to write a good article that gets google recognition that it deserves or leave it to the experts.

Certain amount os seo keywords per article vs number of words in the article.  Correct link strategy, backlink strategy and clout. Yes Clout, a perfect ballance of Google optimisation, listing capability, reputation and content.


Get the balance right and youre on your way!


Try your best not to be over the top with your content in other words dont make stuff up just to fill the page and squeeze the juice out of your key words.  Let it frlo and let it be organic.


Google knows, sounds strange but they know alright.